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Deer Processing Options

All Prices Include Pork, Seasoning & Smoking/Cooking

***$50 Deposit Required***
Fresh Cuts up to 100 lbs.


Fresh Cuts over 100 lbs.

$0.60/ lb

Bratwurst: (add cheese or jalapeno $3.30)
Flavored Bratwurst: (Minimum of 10 lbs required)($5.00/ lb)

$3.05/ lb

Fry Sausage:

(Charge is combined total weight of pork and deer)

$2.70/ lb

Burger Plain:

$0.95/ lb

Burger w/ 10% Tallow:

$1.00/ lb

Burger with Pork:

(Charge is combined total weight of pork and deer)(1/3 pork)

$2.50/ lb

Smoked Products

Summer Sausage:

(Minimum of 25 lbs required)

$3.50/ lb

Snack Stix:

(Minimum of 25 lbs required)

$3.50/ lb


$4.85/ lb

Smoked Bologna:

(Minimum of 25 lbs required)

$3.50/ lb


Jalapenos and/or Cheese:

extra $0.25/ lb


$4.25/ lb

Standard Pricing

Skinning/Washing/Chilling: (Washing & Chilling only $15.00)

$20.00/ lb


$40.00 Extra

Boning includes Butterfly chops or back straps, Steaks/Roasts:

$0.75/ lb

Field Dressing:


Bone Disposal:


Any special orders or ingredients changed will be charged accordingly.

***Prices subject to change.***

Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry

Join Grantfork Meats, Inc. in feeding the hungry in our community with the assistance of this ethical, wide-reaching organization.

Anyone who has a family understands the fear of not being able to provide for them. Whether it’s food, clothing or something else, people in the community have the opportunity to affect change in the lives of others. That’s why Grantfork Meats is an FHFH-approved meat processor. We help feed hungry peoples in the local community through the processing, packaging, and freezing of donated meat.

What is FHFH?

FHFH stands for Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry, and it’s a charitable organization that facilitates the distribution of donated items to the people that need them most. We work with farmers and hunters that donate foodstuff, butchers, and other businesses to process the food, and finally with local food banks and ministries for distribution.

Farmers & Hunters

Generous individuals donate meat, such as deer, that they cannot share with friends and families. Additionally, farmers donate deer that damage crop yields.

Meat Processors

Approved meat processors take the donated meat and turn it into processed foodstuffs that can be frozen and delivered to local food banks and ministries.

Food Banks & Ministries

These community organizations take the donated and processed meats and distribute them to families and individuals who need them across the area.

How to get involved with FHFH

You don’t have to be a hunter or a farmer to get involved with FHFH. Follow the links below to find out more about how you can help us achieve our mission of feeding the hunger-ridden peoples of our local community.

Questions? View our video to find out more!
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